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Cake Cutting Instructions

Always cut and serve LARGE LAYERS FIRST whenever possible.
Remove the top layer and place it in the box provided for the bride to keep. If it is stacked directly on top of the cake below you will need to insert a spatula under the top layer and gently lift up and off.
Make a circular cut two inches in from the border on one of the cakes.
From this donut shape cut one inch slices. A slice of wedding cake is one inch wide, two inches deep and four inches tall; about the same size as half of a sandwich.

Repeat the circular cut and 1 inch slices with the remaining cake. Remember, if any cake is left over, it is easier to take home small cakes than parts of large ones, so if possible cut the larger cakes first.
Six-inch layers should be cut in 1/12ths, like a clock.



  1. Remove ornaments.

  2. Freeze the cake in the freezer for a time period between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

  3. Wrap the cake in Saran Wrap several times until air tight

  4. Wrap the cake (covered in saran wrap) in aluminum foil several times

  5. Place cake in cake box and wrap the cake box in Plastic Wrap or Freezer Paper

  6. Place cake in a location farthest from the door so that the temperature remains constant 

    **Note**  Do not use a frost-free freezer.  Constant De-frosting will harm the moisture of the cake.

    One day before your 1st anniversary, begin defrosting the cake in your refrigerator. Leave the cake completely wrapped overnight.  In the morning, remove the cake from the refrigerator and remove the wrappings on the cake.  Let the cake warm up to room temperature before serving.

Wedding Cake Top Storing Instructions
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